Gregorio Donoso

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  • Gregorio Donoso

    Founding Partner, Co-Head of Multi-Family Office

    Matías Eguiguren

    Founding Partner, Head of Institutional Fund Distribution

    Augusto Undurraga

    Founding Partner, Co-Head of Multi-Family Office

    José Miguel Ureta

    Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer

  • Matías Riutort

    Partner, Head of Institutional Distribution - Alternative Assets

    Paulo Tisi

    Partner, Head of Fixed Income

    José Luis Vergara

    Partner, Head of Equities

    Patricio Mebus

    Head of Institutional Fund Distribution - International Mutual Funds

  • Sebastian Arancibia

    Head of Multi Family Office

    Pedro Becerra

    Co-Head of Operations

    Natalia Mangiola

    Co-Head of Operations

    Josefina Hurtado

    Deputy Manager of Institutional Distribution - Alternative Assets

  • Joaquin Bertoni

    Planning Analyst

    Carlos Maulén

    Operations Analyst

    Daniel Muñoz

    Operations Analyst

  • Eduardo Domínguez

    Deputy Manager of Alternative Assets

    Joaquín Lezaeta

    Fund Analyst

    Macarena Costa

    Investment Analyst

    Patricio Parodi

    Senior Investment Analyst

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    Operations Analyst

    Mariana Silva

    Operations Analyst

    Teresita van Wersch

    Investment Analyst

  • Sebastián Hörmann

    Investment Analyst

    Andrés Riquelme

    Operations Analyst

    Rodrigo Perez

    Investment Analyst

  • Hugo Elgueta

    Operations Analyst

    Stephanie Morales

    Operations Analyst

    Marta Moreno

    Executive Assistant

  • María Eugenia Durán


Gregorio Donoso

Founding Partner, Co-Head of Multi-Family Office

Prior to founding PICTON, Gregorio was Partner and Co-Head of Wealth Management at Larrain Vial –one of Chile’s largest independent investment banks– and served on Larrain Vial’s investment committee as well as on the board of Larrain Vial Asset Management. Gregorio joined Larrain Vial in 1994, working in the bank’s international division and taking responsibility for Larrain Vial’s relationships with numerous US and European financial institutions, as well with correspondent banks throughout Latin America.

Between 1999 and 2005, Gregorio also held the position of Senior Vice President of Investments (and Broker on Record) at Paine Webber Inc. (later UBS International), acting as liaison between Larrain Vial and UBS. In 2005, Gregorio –together with Augusto Undurraga– co-founded Larrain Vial’s wealth management division, growing it to become Chile’s largest wealth manager, with a focus on family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Gregorio holds a degree in business and economics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and completed Advanced Management studies at the ESE Business School in Santiago, Chile.